Industry Jargon

noun: jargon; plural noun: jargons
special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand.”

In any career field, jargon is frequently used. Guess what, it is no different in the TV and Film industry. The jargon is not only different but the job titles are as well, which can be confusing to those who do not have experience in this field.  Good production accountants know the terminology in order to understand what is going on during production.

For example, when you are reading a budget, you will see terms such as “ATL” or “BTL”.  At this point you will be asking yourself, “What is ATL or BTL?” Well, once you familiarize yourself with our Film/TV glossary, you will know that “ATL” is Above-the Line Expenses and “BTL” is Below-the Line Expenses.

On set is where you will most likely hear a lot of Film/TV jargon being used.  From the director or 1st AD yelling “action”, to the “2nd AD” rushing to the “honey wagon”. Or, you will see “background actors” being escorted to the “back lot” for the next shot, all while the “AD” is giving instructions to everybody.  All of the terms, are words that you will hear in this industry and should be familiar with.

Click on the link below to access our in-depth glossary that will provide you with most if not all of the unique jargon you need to help you along your journey to fitting into the Film scene.