BYOT (Bringing Your Own Tools): How to build your Kit Rental

BYOT (Bringing your own tools):  How to build your Kit Rental

Congratulations, you have landed your first Freelance job in the Film or TV Accounting department! What physical tools do you need to help you succeed in you new career?  If you have not heard people talk about their “Kit Rental” or “Box Rental”, you soon will. 

A Kit or Box Rental are personal supplies you bring with you from gig to gig that help you do your job.  On most projects, you can even negotiate a weekly rate for renting your kit to the production!  This helps save the Production money and helps you be efficient in your work.    

An example of a Kit for someone in the Production Accounting Office:

                              - Computer                                        - Printer

                              - Printing Calculator with paper         - Pens

                              - Scotch Tape                                    - Stapler

                              - Staples                                            - Stapler Remover

                              - Scissors                                           - Highlighters

                              - Post-it’s                                            - Stamps for intake of paperwork

                              - Label Maker                                     - Baskets for Paperwork

                              - Step Files                                         - Hanging Files

Stamp examples for intake of Paperwork:   

Building your kit does not happen overnight and there is no need to rush out and buy everything at once. Start with what you already have.  You will learn on each project what you use and do not use personally, you can acquire items as you need them.  Also, at the end of a project the Production Office sometimes sells office supplies they purchased at a fraction of the price and you can pick up items for your Kit along the way. 

Congratulations on your new career and have fun building your Kit!