Finding Freelance Film/TV Accounting Work in Atlanta Revisited

The saying “It’s who you know” really does ring true in our industry and that is why work ethic and reputation are so important.  You will find the majority of your future work through word of mouth and from people you have already worked with.  However, continuing to seek out work is only going to help you expand your network.  The first place to look for work is the people you already have a relationship with in the business.  When you are first starting out you will be at the clerk level and the film/TV world is very small so the coordinator or grip that you know may know about the accounting department looking for a clerk.  A word to the wise, only apply for jobs you have the experience for.  Even if you were an accomplished CPA before moving into film, if you have never worked in this industry, you are not ready to be a key accountant.  Also, if you have clerked one job, you are not ready to be a 1st assistant. Please only apply for jobs you have the experience for.        

Where to find job listings and get your name out there: 

You can advertise in the GA Sourcebook and if you are a Dues paying member of 161, make sure they know you are Atlanta local for their database.   


  • Emily Rice “The LIST” - The LIST is a compilation of job listings created by Emily Rice for production accounting professionals in the entertainment industry that is updated daily and distributed through a Google Group.  Types of jobs posted:  Production Accountants, Production Controllers, Estimators, 1st & 2nd Assistant Accountants, Payroll Accountants, Payroll Assistants, Clerks, Staff Accountants, and Finance positions. Some ancillary positions like Auditing or department accounting (SpFx, etc.) are also posted.

  • Georgia Film Commission – What better way to stay connected than to connect with our state's film commission!  Their Help Wanted hotline lists upcoming projects in the area and provides contact information. 

  • Facebook Production Accounting Groups – New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta have Facebook pages and post gigs and other issues important to those in Film/TV Production Accounting.  At times the NY and LA groups will have postings looking for local staff if they know they are coming to Atlanta.  


New York:

Los Angeles: 

Networking:   In Atlanta, there are many film/TV networking groups.   Visit them and see which is a good fit for you, what you are trying to accomplish and what you can bring to the group.  Bring business cards and a friendly attitude! 

  • NAPA Mixers – These are put on quarterly and are a good place to come and network specifically with other people already in production accounting or trying to break in.

  • Georgia Production Partnership – The GPP is a great resource to network in the Atlanta area.  They have monthly meetings and mixers where you can meet others involved with film/TV in the area. 

  • Meet Up Groups – There are various Meet Up groups in the Atlanta area for film & TV.  Take a look around and see if they are something you want to be a part of!        

Cold Calling: 

 Emailing established key accountants and 1st assistants already in the area could help you out.  If you choose to do this, make your email as brief and to the point as possible by introducing yourself and letting them know you are looking to get into production accounting and would love the opportunity to interview with them on their next project if they find themselves in need of a clerk.   

Good luck!