Study Explores Opportunities & Obstacles for Digital Adoption in the Production Office

To evaluate the entertainment industry’s current state and the attitudes and behaviors that are guiding it, The National Association of Production Accountants (NAPA), recently conducted a study with over 500 industry professionals, including producers, accountants, finance executives, and other key industry players.

The study, sponsored in-part by GreenSlate, revealed that while production office professionals recognize the opportunities and benefits of going digital with better features and capabilities for optimizing workflows, the industry is driven by opposing forces: enthusiasm and inertia.

Digital adoption in the production office has the potential to drive efficiency, simplicity, and accuracy for production teams everywhere.

Outside of the entertainment industry, most industries have already realized the productivity gains and other benefits of digital adoption: they are now exploring new ways to leverage big data and building tools that can help inform better business decisions. Will the business of production follow a similar path as other sectors?

The industry acknowledges that digital solutions have a lot to offer production offices. Most respondents are already using digital solutions in some capacity and are generally satisfied with what they’ve seen. This satisfaction, along with the possibility of further improvement from new features, has created a positive sense of enthusiasm around digital.

But while digital solutions have a lot to offer and industry professionals are aware of these advantages, few are using digital solutions in all areas of production. Whether it is because they lack time to conduct research, are uncertain about change, or don’t have consensus on priorities, there is a palpable sense of inertia.

Industry professionals overwhelmingly agreed that they could benefit from digital solutions (93%), but what will it take for production office decision-makers to translate this enthusiasm for digital solutions into action?

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New Survey Investigates How Attitudes Toward "Going Digital" Can Help Shape the Future of the Production Office

ATLANTA, GEORGIA—June 18, 2018—While the digitization of many industries —and indeed, the world—continues at a rapid pace, the majority of productions continue to rely on inefficient and wasteful paper-and-pen solutions to track and manage finances. Is the entertainment industry finally ready to go digital? What are the obstacles? And what factors will drive this change? The National Association of Production Accountants has launched a new survey to unearth these answers, and more.

The survey will assess the current state of the entertainment industry—and gauge its readiness for digital transformation—by calling on producers, accountants, finance executives, and other key players.

Questions touch on a range of topics including software features that could potentially improve your current accounting platform, obstacles that prevent your production office from going fully digital, and ways in which using digital solutions could improve your production’s workflow.

NAPA believes that the findings of this survey will help to drive progress in the industry.

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Please note: This survey is for research purposes only. There will be no direct sales or promotions as a result of your participation. Your individual responses will be kept confidential and anonymous and reported in aggregate.