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Atlanta Payroll Class

Interested in becoming a Film/TV Payroll Accountant?

Announcing our newest course and certification!
Payroll Accounting for Film/TV

Course Overview:

Understanding the basic fundamentals to Film Payroll is essential to becoming a Payroll Accountant.  To help you be successful, having a solid foundation in basic Film/TV Payroll is key before one can dive into mastering the Union and Guild rules.  Local Payroll Accountants are in high demand and the good ones work non-stop.

The NAPA Payroll Class provides a controlled classroom environment where one can learn and practice the process of Film/TV Payroll as well as processing Start Paperwork and Time Cards.  Once the foundation is laid we will build on that with training in Non Union, IATSE (Low Budget Agreement), DGA*, Teamsters* & SAG*.     

Payroll Accounting for Film/TV Objectives:


·         Roll of a Payroll Accountant and responsibilities

·         Who’s Who on the crew

·         Schedule and Paperwork flow

-        Basic work week for Payroll Accountant

-        Start Work, Time Cards, Production Reports and additional forms

-        Life cycle of Start Work and Time Cards

·         Non Union Payroll Basics

-        Local Labor Laws

-        Calculating Pay Hours

·         IATSE (Low Budget Agreement)

-        Crew Rates

-        Meal breaks

-        Travel Rules

-        Overtime

-        Rest Period Violation

Ashlee Peebles, Instructor:

Ashlee started her career in Film and TV in Texas working in Production Management. After two years she moved to New York City and continued her career working in Reality TV on both the management and creative sides for seven years before moving to the Accounting Department where she became a Payroll Accountant. She moved to Atlanta, GA in 2013 and continued her work as a Payroll Accountant before leaving Freelance and going full time supporting and training individuals working or wishing to work in the Production Accounting.


This class is best suited for people with some bookkeeping or clerical experience. Laptop required. Selected participants that are unable to provide their own laptop, should contact the Association directly.

Price: $425
Sign up before December 31st and receive a 20% discount. A $85 value!


Saturday, January 16th, 2016
Sunday, January 17th, 2016

9am – 5pm


NAPA - Atlanta

550 Pharr Road
2nd floor conference room

Atlanta, GA 30305