Production Accounting Certification

The National Association of Production Accounting offers certification tests for three levels of Production Accounting:

  • Key Accountant

  • 1st Assistant Accountant

  • Payroll Accountant

These tests serve the Entertainment community as a set standard to demonstrate that a freelance accountant actually has the experience and knowledge needed to complete the accounting duties for a production. We are excited to be able to provide a listing of our members and their certifications and experience to productions and Key Accountants so they may more easily find local hires.

Nothing can replace real world experience as a clerk/apprentice. Our Certifications require not only passing an exam, but Production office experience as well. Experience submitted will be verified. A certification can be renewed each year by taking or participating in our continuing educational webinars and seminars or submitting another experience summary for the year.

Certification test dates for 1st Assistant is available to anyone who would like to become certified. Please contact us at to inquire about becoming certified!