About our association

NAPA has been formed to create a national community of Production Accountants. As the industry activities spread out to more and more states due to increasing tax incentive opportunities, there is an urgent and growing need for qualified local Production Accountants in those states. NAPA will provide the training, tools and support needed to ensure that the quality and integrity of Production Accounting remains intact on the local level. Through its certification program.

NAPA students are trained in the main concepts of Production Accounting and it processes to enter the Accounting department as clerks and 2nd Assistants, taking some of the pressure off Key Accountants and 1st Assistants and Payroll Accountants. Students understand that certification is not necessary to enter the industry but that it helps put them ahead of their competition fighting for the same entry level position.   

NAPA trained Production Accounting Clerks will come on the job with core knowledge of; 

 - How to intake PO’s, Check Requests, PC and Payroll
 - Practice with PO logs, PC Logs and PC Auditing
 - Have an understanding of Production Accounting as a whole and how the department functions and the purpose behind its practices. 

From NAPA its members can expect:

  • Experienced Freelance Production Accountant instructors;
  • High quality and thorough training materials and courses;
  • A support hotline;
  • Networking opportunities to meet fellow accountants, line producers and higher level industry professionals;
  • Panels and special speakers addressing subjects such as: "How to code for and prepare for a Tax Credit Submission?"